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Athletes Foot Fungus

Athlete Foot Fungus

Athletes foot fungus is given many names due to its common occurrences among young and old people alike. It doesn’t matter how you call it – if you are interested to know more about this disease, here is the right place for you to be.

Up to now a lot of people still have the perception that athletes foot fungus can only affect athletes. This idea is outdated because everybody is prone to the infection but the probability differs from one to another. However, if you are promoting an environment suitable for its growth, certainly you’ll catch the disease easily.

Athletes foot fungus is caused by fungi known as tinea pedis or ringworm. Don’t get confused with the word ‘worm’ because it has nothing to do with worms. It is a form of microorganism that falls into the group of mold and mildew.
Athletes foot fungus can spread from one individual to another by way of touching the affected skin, the places being touched by the infected person and sharing of private things. The common signs of athletes foot are severe itchiness and burning sensation. There will also be flaking which will end up in peeling of the skin, especially on the bottom part of your feet.

The Origin of Athletes Foot Fungus

Are you aware of the fact that the extract from grapefruit seeds can be one of the most effective treatments for athletes foot fungus? The grapefruit solution is available in many forms such as sprays, creams and ointments. The infection is caused by a common fungus known as tinea pedis.

It strives on your skin and toenails mostly inside the dead cells and it really adores moisture and warmth. That explains why a lot of people who wear socks and shoes are the ones mostly affected by this disease. You also need to watch out while sharing areas such as pools, public restrooms and shared lockers.

Athletes foot fungus can spread via an incision or erosion occurring on your skin. This disease can also spread from animals to humans but this is a rare occurrence. There is another kind of athletes foot which looks similar to lesions. Take note that the name of the infection is given according to the place it is affecting. For example, if it is affecting the feet people call it tinea pedis.

In general men have the tendency to get athletes foot fungus more than women. It can occur to teenagers and the elderly just the same. Having an eye on cleanliness and doing your daily routines with care will mostly hinder you from being affected. If your immune systems are weak, watch out because you can be infected rather easily.

A number of culprits are known to cause athletes foot fungus. The first type is called trichophyton rubrum, and this is the most common. There are a few symptoms you need to watch out as well. First, you may feel severe itchiness particularly on the bottom of your feet and the areas between each toe. It will develop further, causing your skin to become soft. Inflammation will occur and it is painful when touched. Soon you will see the formation of flakes and fluid discharge from the affected area.

There would also be cracks and ulcers. Cracks can develop into a new stage of infection where the disease will spread to other parts of your body. Another form of athletes foot fungus is known as moccasin foot. This is a condition where there would be redness and rashes forming a display of moccasin, and it usually resides on the bottom part of your feet. Leaving it untreated will cause the skin to turn pale and rough.

Inflammation can also occur to the bottom part of your feet, and the degree of itchiness is often severe but flaking is rather rare. For severe sufferers they may also have athletes foot fungus on the palm. Being called tineas manuum, it occurs out of an allergic reaction toward fungal antigens.

Athletes Foot Fungus Treatments

Nobody likes to experience having athletes foot fungus. The disease is originated from a form of fungi and they reside under the skin where there are mostly dead cells. The fungi thrives the best with the presence of warmth and moisture.

First of all you need to identify whether you are really having it. You can confuse its symptoms with dermatitis. If you are certain that you are having athletes foot fungus, make a decision to choose which technique to treat the disease.

Caring for Your Foot
It’s vital that you take care of your foot appropriately. It needs ample airing, and this means avoiding from wearing socks as best as you can. Since fungus adores warmth and moisture, wearing socks will only promote its growth. It’s also vital to keep your feet clean at all times. Use cotton swabs for the areas in between the toes and beneath the nails.

Choose the Right Shoes
Like mentioned previously, athletes foot fungus adores warm environment, so it’s best to stay away from footwear that can provide just the right medium for it to grow. Plastic shoes and all kinds of water resistant footwear should be avoided too. This is because these shoes tend to keep moisture within, and this allows the fungus to develop even more. Don’t wear very tight shoes and air them to keep your feet dry. If you sweat a lot, you should make an attempt to change your footwear two times daily.

The Benefits of Baking Soda
Baking soda is a cheap solution you can use to eliminate athletes foot fungus. It is also the same solution being used to treat bee stings. Add two spoonfuls of soda into a cup of lukewarm water and mix it to become a paste. Put it on all areas of your feet for awhile before washing it off and drying your feet with a towel.

Using Anti-Fungal To Keep Your Footwear Clean
You can find an assortment of powders and sprays to get rid of athletes foot fungus and these can be sprayed or sprinkled to your footwear. These substances have the ability to kill the fungi that is causing athletes foot to occur. The use of Lysol is beneficial to clean the interior part of your shoes as it eliminates fungus effectively.
You can use various methods to get rid of athletes foot fungus. These methods are mostly straightforward and inexpensive. You’ll just need to be patient while waiting for the disease to heal completely.

Toe Web Infection: The Severe Yet Common Athletes Foot Fungus

Athletes foot fungus is a skin disorder that affects the feet area. For the toe web type the disorder usually starts with symptoms such as moist and pale skin. It is common for the sufferer to experience itchiness and burning sensation as well. Sometimes, there will also be a mild odor on the affected area. When not treated, the condition of the skin will even peel off and crack. It is often noticed that this particular disease will affect the last two little toes.

While there seems to be several forms of athletes foot fungus, the toe web infection is the one being most common. The disease is caused by ringworm, or in scientific term it is called Trichophyton Mentagrophytes. The disease is rather awkward in nature because it can occur rather unexpectedly. Your condition can get worse in a short period of time but the good news is that this is not a life threatening disease. Additionally, it is easy to find the right remedy to treat this condition.

Warmth and moisture are two of the most favored elements of the athletes foot fungus. That is why the feet, especially the place in between the toes make the right medium for this fungus to grow. Like mentioned before, the toe web infection will mostly affect the last two little toes. You will likely experience itchiness and burning especially when you remove your shoes and socks.

You can easily treat early stages of toe web infection with several remedies including topical creams, lotions and medicated powder. You must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer when using any of the treatments. In most cases you are required to apply the medication for one whole month. In the process of healing, if you need to wear socks make sure you change them a couple of times daily. Wash your feet often and keep them dry. Never walk without wearing any footwear.

Cracking and peeling of the skin are some of the worsening symptoms of athletes foot fungus. It might mean that your feet are already infected with bacteria. If you don’t do anything to treat this condition, it will progress into a secondary infection. It is also possible for you to develop a fever. Take note that the bacteria can get into your feet and spreading the infection even more. If all attempts to heal your condition failed, it is best if you seek help from a certified medical practitioner.

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